Sophomore Running Back Makes Shocking Declaration To Enter The NFL Draft For This Reason


Auburn University's Peyton Barber recently made a profound decision.

The now-former War Eagle and sophomore running back announced that he was declaring for the 2016 NFL Draft.

However, he wasn't doing it for the money — at least not for himself.

He said he was doing it in order to help care for his homeless mother.

"My mother is homeless right now," Barber said at a press conference, according to ESPN. He added, "Right now, she's staying with her sister. It's her and her three kids staying in an apartment ..."

He also made sure to note that was solely his decision.

Barber said, "She never pressured me to do anything. I just decided to do what's best for me and my family."

This comes as big news for the redshirt, who rushed for 1,017 yards and 13 touchdowns this past season.

There were 24 running backs that were invited to workout at the NFL combine on Friday in order to boost their draft stock.

Currently, he is projected to be drafted sometime in the middle rounds. 

No team has expressed particular interest yet, as general managers keep those decisions pretty close to the vest until draft day.

His mother, Lori, was equally shocked about the decision.

She told, "It touches my heart that he feels so deeply about wanting to take care of me ... Peyton is very quiet. ... I had no idea he was feeling that strongly as he was feeling until he decided to come out (for the draft)."

While the decision was unexpected, Barber does have somewhat of a familial pedigree for the NFL.

His cousins Marion and Dominique Barber also played in the NFL for a number of years.

Even though there is a tough road ahead, Barber has faced adversity before.

He suffers from dyslexia and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ADHD, but has found a way to persevere and not let that affect his play on the field, even though he found it tough to learn the playbook and initially did not earn a starting job.

He overcame the odds and in 2015, he was voted the Offensive MVP for the War Eagles.

Let's hope he puts in a strong effort at the combine and can boost his draft stock to a higher round.

Best of luck!


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