The 15 Coolest Doghouses You've Ever Seen And Your Dog Will Beg For One

Dogs in da house.

If you're gonna get a doghouse for your favorite four-legged friend, you might as well get one with some style. If you're in the market for a cool doghouse, or if you're looking for some quirky inspiration, we have some examples of luxury doghouses.

Here are 15 awesome doghouses that are so unconventional, they redefine what a doghouse should be:


1. Two floors.

2. That looks so cute.

3. It's like an aquarium.

4. It's like the doghouse of the future.

5. The pineapple looks good.

6. A barrel of fun.

7. In a tree.

8. If your dog is Snoopy, get this.

9. Two floors for your dog.

10. Custom-built to perfection.

11. What dog wouldn't like this?

12. The painted flowers add a nice touch.

13. Like a doggie mansion

14. This looks so good, if it were bigger, you'd wanna live there.

15. A trailer for dogs.


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