21 Adorable Reasons Why Pets Deserve A Beach Day

Surf's up.

While it is often said that people need to have a beach day every now and then, the same goes for your favorite four-legged friends. There are many pet-friendly beaches that your pet will cherish.

In case you are wondering why you should bring your cat or dog to the beach, here are 21 delightful reasons why bringing your pet to the beach is an excellent idea:

1. They blend in nicely on the beach.

My cat goes to the beach!

2. They are adorable on surfboards and with sunglasses.

Jub Jub the Dog is learning to surf!

3. They don't mind standing on rocks.

Cat on the Beach

4. Their surfing facial expressions tell an entire story.

Surf Dog

5. Some cats love it when no dogs are allowed.

Cat Beach

6. Dogs can have fun at the beach with just a stick.

My dog chip made a chocolate friend today at the beach. Here they are sharing a stick.

7. Some pets love the sun as much as you do.

Funny Cat Sleeping on Beach Chair Photos

8. They can meet new friends.

My Dog made a new friend at the beach.

9. They can make a fort with little effort.

I am the person that takes a cat to the beach

10. They look adorable covered up.

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11. They can make a surfboard look like a boat.

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12. They don't need the actual beach to go to the beach.

Cat at the beach

13. They will enjoy the wet sand.

My dog, appropriately named Bear, being majestic on the beach.

14. They jump for joy at the sight of the ocean.

My crazy dog enjoying the beach...

15. When they try to stay warm, they look cuter.

My cat licking his nose while wearing a hat and coat on the beach

16. They are amused by the water.

I was walking my dog along the beach when suddenly she left my side, ran up onto some rocks, sat quietly and watched the surf fo

17. The beach is so peaceful, dogs and cats get along.

Cat and dogs enjoying the beach

18. They are all ears listening to the noises at the beach.

Beach dog in Nicaragua

19. Their reactions to beach animals are priceless.

Dog digs out a crab at the beach. They instantly become friends

20. Some of them love running in the ocean.

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21. Because they make the beach more fun.



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