This Man Ran 44 Marathons In 44 Days, But That’s Not Even The Most Important Part Of His Story

“This challenge was both a personal one and one which I hope will inspire others."

Just thinking about running in 44 marathons in 44 different countries in 44 days is overwhelming — but it is a reality for Peter Thompson. The Englishman just completed this epic journey, which he set out on all in the name of charity.

This quest — which Thompson called "Marathon for the Mind" — began in St. Petersburg on April 1 and wrapped up in Dublin on May 14. You can check out the entire route of marathons Thompson ran in and even learn about each stop along the way with amazing detail.

The 32-year-old from Bournemouth admitted to being inspired by the likes of Ben Smith running 401 marathons in 401 days, and that this endeavor "involved a mixture of trains, planes, buses, taxis, cars and ferries" to get from one destination to the other. Thompson, by the way, stuck to traveling and running in the 44 European countries as defined by the United Nations.

Our champ used this challenge as "a way to try and raise awareness of mental health issues," because, while he notes that these problems have received more attention as of late, there's "so much more that can, and needs, to be done" as we've just "scratched the surface." Thompson also got very personal about his struggles with mental illness, too.

"This challenge was both a personal one and one which I hope will inspire others," Thompson wrote. "We are all human and face our own issues, but wouldn't it be great if everyone was able to offer support instead of judgment, advice instead of avoidance or simply a smile instead of a stare?"

So Thompson ran to raise money for mental health charities Livability Holton Lee and MIND, raising nearly £18,000 (more than $23,000) for them when was all said and done, with donations still being accepted.

Cover image via @Peter26point2 / Twitter

(H/T: BBC)

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