A Teen's Tweet About Shelter Pups Led To A Barrage Of Pet Adoption Photos And Stories

"It was actually really a surprise, the amount of people that knew absolutely nothing about adoption."

Expensive designer dogs are all the rage these days, but one teen's tweet went viral when she reminded the Internet of the thousands of shelter animals looking for a forever home.

It all began when someone on Twitter prompted 19-year-old Cheyenne Halsey to speak up for what she believes in. The veterinary assistant and college student from Dayton, Ohio was quick to share a passionate viewpoint regarding pet adoption. "QUIT BUYING $2500 DOGS FROM PET STORES WHEN THERE ARE $60 DOGS IN SHELTERS THAT NEED HOMES AND ARE BEING EUTHANIZED," she wrote.


While some users were quick to defend their pricey pooches, others wholeheartedly agreed with Halsey and began sharing photos of beloved dogs and other animals they had adopted from shelters.

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