Dreams Do Come True: Toddler Gets Personal Injury Lawyer-Themed Birthday

Tricycle chaser.

Like many toddlers, Grayson Dobra's second birthday party theme was based on his favorite TV character. Unlike most tots, however, this hero wasn't Elmo, or Barney, or Dora; it was a personal injury lawyer.

Grayson's mom L'erin says nothing gets her son excited quite like the popular Morris Bart ads that air around New Orleans. 


He’s such a fan, in fact, that whenever Morris Bart comes on the television, Grayson will stop whatever he’s doing and watch Bar

When the commercials aren't on TV, Grayson finds them on YouTube. Grayson is clearly at the forefront of his tech-savvy, rights-knowing generation.

So when it was time to plan Grayson's birthday, the theme was a no-brainer.

Grayson's mom reached out to Morris Bart's office for help with her son's surprise. While Bart didn't make an appearance, he did send an autographed photo, key chains and a shirt.

Grayson's family also supplied a cardboard cutout of the lawyer, a toddler-sized Morris Bart shirt and a cake with Bart's face on it.

So, for Grayson’s second birthday, Dobra decided to surprise him with a Morris Bart-themed party. She even reached out to Bart’s

And Grayson's reaction?

He was a huge fan.

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Grayson's mom says he keeps the framed photo of Morris Bart next to his bed and kisses it every night before going to sleep.

“They even sent him an autographed photo from Mr. Bart, some key chains with his slogan,” she said. “They’ve even offered that i

Morris Bart seems to appreciate his new hero status.

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