Photographers Show What A 'Perfect Insta Breakfast' Looks Like In Real Life With Kids

Looks about right.

Scroll through Instagram on a Sunday and it's hard not to see a photo of lightly browned toast with a perfect amount of avocado smeared on it, or a photo of the most perfect stack of pancakes set up in front of a bleach-white background.


Can you say breakfast goals?

But we're not dumb, everyone knows that the "perfect Insta breakfast" is almost impossible to achieve, especially if you add children into the mix. 

Polish photographers Anna Waluda and Michal Zawer decided to do a little experiment to see if they could make an Instagram-worthy breakfast and then enjoy it with their children.

"We've seen thousands of those perfect Insta breakfast and we wanted to see if it's possible for a family of four like ours to have such beautifully prepared breakfast in bed," Waluda told A Plus. "We were just very curious [to see] how it goes."

The results? Well, what do you think will happen when you mix two small children, white sheets, and a green smoothie?

Before their children came along it appeared that the couple achieved the "perfect breakfast," but was it worth it? Waluda said that while she could see themselves enjoying a similar breakfast, "it took too long ... something like two hours" to prepare everything. 

Although no one can say for certain why people feel the need to share what has been deemed the perfect Instagram breakfast with their followers, Waluda says it could be one of a number of reasons, one of them being what you eat is just plain boring. 

"If you have oat porridge for breakfast every single day, it would be boring to post on the Internet, but showing some fancy breakfast in bed is much more interesting," Waluda said.

Sorry, no one wants to see oatmeal every day!

Check out what breakfast in bed with a family of four really looks in the video below:

To see more of the Perfect Insta Breakfast photo series, check out their website.

(H/T: PopSugar)


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