This Woman Has A 'Perfect Butt.' But Here's What She Does For A Living.


 If you've ever wondered whose butt shape is the muse for your favorite pair of jeans, look no further than Natasha Wagner.  According to Vogue, Wagner's butt is really "shaping a nation." 

We're not even kidding. Brands like 7 For All Mankind, Paige, Gap and Levi's base their designs on the shape and size of that very important region of Wagner's body. Because, as so many important fashion designers have declared, it's "perfect."

To avoid body-shaming anyone with a booty that is bigger or smaller than the one Wagner's been sporting for decades, we should probably clarify what we mean by "perfect." To fashion designers, the size of Wagner's tush is perfectly average. The industry's standard jean size ranges from a 24-32. Wagner is a size 28 which makes her a fantastic indicator of the average female customer.    

Julien Jarmoune, Black Orchid designer, is a client of Wagner's and was not bashful to absolutely gush about his fascination with her tush to Vogue

"She has the best of both worlds where she's slim and she still has shape," he said. "Additionally, she has great legs that are the perfect length (she fits our standard 30-inch leg inseam flawlessly) so that our jeans will work for someone who is short or tall."

Of course, this woman might have the most specific job in the universe. So you don't need to be jealous of her. In fact, we should all thank her for helping to make sure our favorite pair of jeans fit our bodies — and our booties — just right. 

Watch the video above to learn more.


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