People Of All Ages Recall The Happiest Day Of Their Life

What's the happiest day of your life?

Thinking back on all your good memories may be enough to put a smile on your face. 

As part of their ongoing video series, Glamour asked people, ages 5 to 75, to talk about the happiest day of their lives. Naturally, their answers were all incredibly different given their varying life experiences, but together it makes for one heartwarming collection of stories. 

For example, when one 5-year-old is asked about her happiest day, she answers, quite simply, "Friday." (Touché.)

Another teenager says his happiest day was when he moved to New York City, and a 20-year-old says it was when he was accepted into college.

"When my parents first started letting me take piano lessons," one 27-year-old answers. 

"Graduating college and showing my parents that all their hard work had come to fruition," a 40-year-old says.

Many of the older adults recall the days they gave birth, got married, or watched their families grow. 

And finally, we found one answer particularly interesting: "This perfect Maui sunset," one participant responds, proving that if we just take a moment to appreciate the little things that we're offered every day, we'll make some pretty happy memories.



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