15 Ways You Can Get Super Rich That You Probably Never Even Thought Of

They got rich in bizarre ways.

The days when you have to work a regular 9-to-5 job to make money are long gone. Kids and people of all ages are making made money for doing innovative, and sometimes odd, things.

Here are 15 examples of people who got insanely rich by doing very strange things that will make you quit your job to try weird things to become a millionaire: 


1. PewDiePie: YouTube videos.

Pewdiepie raises $1 million for charity

PewDiePie, who's real name is Felix Kjellberg, became the top-viewed creator of YouTube videos with more than 9 million page views. And he made $7.4 million last year from that, which mostly featured video game walkthroughs.

2. Rhys Davies: online glitter graphics.

At age 14 in 2006, Rhys Davies was making glitter graphics that people could use for their MySpace profiles. He created the graphics for free on his website, which made more than $100,000 in revenue during the first year from the advertising banner ads. Years later and way richer, he's starting other Internet businesses from the profit.

3. Dani Johnson: weight-loss program.

Making money from selling weight-loss programs isn't anything new. But Dani Johnson started when she was a a homeless waitress living out of her car. She gathered whatever little coins she had to sell the weight-loss programs in her state and even used a liquor store as a mailing address because she had no residence. And now she's a millionaire.

4. Alan Feinstein: stamps.

found these beatles stamps stuck to a mirror at my boyfriend's family holiday house. thought you guys might appreciate them

Stamps collecting is just a hobby, unless your Alan Feinstein. Most of his money came from stamps and other collectibles sold through newsletters.

5. Hamdi Ulukaya: yogurt in an abandoned factory.

We've all tried Chobani yogurt, but most people don't know the story behind the yogurt. Hamdi Ulukaya, an immigrant who arrived in the U.S. with only $3,000 in his pocket, purchased an abandoned factory, created Chobani yogurt, sold the orders initially to a kosher grocery in Long Island and, in five years, got $1 billion in revenue.

6. Phil Robertson: duck calls.

Redneck Santa Phil Robertson, I love Duck Dynasty! Also, Firearm Friday

Most people know Phil Robertson from the show Duck Dynasty. His dynasty was built after declining to play in the NFL, and instead choosing to hunt and build handmade duck calls. And now Phil and his family are millionaires, all from duck calls.

7. Alex Tew: online pixels.

In 2005, student Alex Tew needed a way to pay for college. He created a website with a million pixels and quickly sold the pixels for a $1 each. Within a matter of months, he made an unlikely $1 million.

8. Gary Dahl: Pet Rock.

My pet rock is going through a phase

After hearing his friends in a bar complain about the responsibilities of pet ownership, Gary Dahl conceived of the idea for the Pet Rock. He sold 1.5 million of the Pet Rocks in one year at a price of $4 per rock, with very little overhead.

9. Alice Alonzo: candles.

Frugal use of mirrors and candles for more light.

Alice Alonzo began as a housekeeper. Then she used the money she saved to start a candle-making business. She even used machines from recycled parts to make the candles. The candle company grew and now her company produces 3,000 candles daily.

10. Trining Climaco: garbage.

View post on imgur.com

Trining Climaco literally became a millionaire from trash. She dropped out of grade school and then worked by sorting through garbage, bottles and scrap metal. She sold the junk and proved that one man's treasure really is ... you know the rest.

11. Sara Blakely: hosiery.

When she was 41, Sara Blakely became the youngest woman to join the World's Billionaires list that year. She is the founder of Spanx, a hosiery company. She worked her way to the top with no inheritance. Blakely owns 100 percent of the company, which is valued at $1 billion.

12. Mike and JC Conrad: meat in a parking lot.

Because meat damnit

Two brothers, unemployed and without a college education, started a business in the middle of recession by selling meat from farms to consumers in a church parking lot. And it quickly grew into a $70 billion business. Talk about bringing home the bacon.

13. Ailin Graef: playing an online game.

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Ailin Graef, better known through her online alias of Anshe Chung, earned $1 million by selling virtual real estate in the online game Second Life. It was based on her character's net worth of "linden dollars" in the game.

14. Or Arbel: app that says "yo" to people.

So there's an app that let's you send "Yo" to friends

People make money by making ridiculous apps all of the time. Or Arbel is a special case. He created an app that only said "yo" to people,\ and the app raised $1 million. Yo, that guy is lucky and rich.

15. Scott Stillinger: Koosh ball.

Do you still remember the smell of fresh, clean Koosh?

Scott Stillinger just wanted a ball that was safe enough for his kids. In 1986, he created the Koosh ball, a sphere with many 2.000 rubber strings attached to it. It became a big toy hit and made lots of money.

(H/T: The Richest)


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