Here's How Many People Would Give Up Sex To Never Catch A Cold Again

According to a recent survey.

Cold and flu season is upon us, but how badly will it affect our love lives?

Cold medicine company Zicam in partnership with Wakefield Research conducted a survey among adults in five major U.S. cities this past August to investigate, and found some interesting trends when it comes to catching a cold and relationships.

For one, the results showed that 33 percent of people would give up alcohol and social media to avoid catching a cold. But sex? No such luck. Only 11 percent of individuals surveyed said they'd give up sex to avoid catching a cold. 

These findings, in particular, contrast another trend: seventy-three percent of people surveyed would avoid kissing their significant other to prevent sickness. And more than half of them wouldn't even kiss their partners knowing they could catch their cold. 

The survey also revealed 17 percent of people would cancel date plans if they knew the other person came down with something. 

The takeaway? Americans want sex, but if the other person is sick, forgettaboutit. 

Better load up on the cold and flu meds or it'll be a pretty uneventful cuddle season. 


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