People From 5 Countries Answer 1 Question: 'What Does Being In Love Feel Like?'

"It feels free and it feels safe."

If someone asked you what being in love feels like, what would you say? It's an incredibly personal question as everyone experiences love in their own way, but the feeling is universal. 

To find out just how transcendent love really is, Jubilee headed to five cities in five countries — London, Los Angeles, São Paulo, Seoul, and Sydney — to ask people to describe being in love. 


"It feels free and it feels safe," one person from Los Angeles says.

"It hurts," a man in London adds. "It's an amazing feeling, but the reason why I say it hurts is because I love someone who lives in another country." 

Later, Jubilee asks the participants to tell them about a time when they were actually in love. 

"We met as teenagers, and we grew up together," a woman in Sydney says with a smile on her face. "It was a very good time." 

A participant from Los Angeles says through his love, he's learning new things about his partner, and appreciating her for the sacrifices she makes for him.

At the end of the day, "[we] found that even across borders, languages, and cultures, we all have shared experiences simply because we are human," Jubilee writes on YouTube. And that's a beautiful thing.

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