17 People Who Took False Advertising Way Too Seriously

Literally taking things literally.

When someone advertises a product a certain way, and it's completely bogus, that's false advertising. While there are real cases of this, sometimes people will take the figurative meaning of a product and assume that it was literal. And you can't spell assume without ass …

Here are 17 times people thought they encountered false advertising with the literal names of stuff, but they really got the wrong idea:


1. Dude, it's just fabric softener.

2. It's just the name of the breed.

3. When you're buying plastic toys in a bag, you should already expect this.

4. They mean the actual pots and pans.

5. Clearly the dogs are Photoshopped.

6. Nothing to do with Wi-Fi.

7. Did you really think food can do that?

8. Not the actual bottle.

9. Even cats get confused.

10. OK, a little ironic here.

11. It's a brand name.

12. You can't milk everything.

13. It's just a signpost.

14. They mean the bus.

15. This cartoon is not what you think.

16. Some dryers are better than others.

17. Hope they realize it's just a store.


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