15 People Experiencing Things For The First Time

You are young as long as you have "first times."

1. Learning you can move your eyebrows for the first time.


2. Riding a roller-coaster for the first time ever.

3. Hearing your own voice for the first time.

4. Eating your first atomic Warhead.

5. Seeing fireworks for the first time.

6. Hoverboarding!

7. First walk on ice.

8. Meeting your dad's twin for the first time.

9. Trying root beer. Ewww!

10. Trying chocolate first time in life.

11. Discovering bubbles.

12. First time on an escalator.

13. Experiencing rain for the first time.

14. Skydiving.

15. Tasting grapefruit for the first time.

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