11 People Celebrating Small Moments That May Seem Insignificant To Some, But Were Major To Them

Happiness is contagious.

Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and engagements often involve big celebrations, but the less obvious milestones are worthy of recognition, too. While they may not be as life-changing, or mean as much to others, those "smaller" accomplishments can mean the world to those experiencing them. 

And the resulting happiness can be contagious, which is why people often share their special moments on social media. Below are just a few examples of Redditors celebrating milestones that may seem insignificant in the grand scheme of things, but were big to them, or just made them happy — and hopefully reading about them will make you a little happier, too.


1. The man who celebrated being married for two days.

2. The boy who was reunited with his robot.

3. This girl who celebrated getting her braces off.

4. The dad who celebrated his daughter's first time on roller skates.

5. The woman who celebrated working two seasons at a dig site.

6. The boyfriend who shared the happy moment he spent with his significant other.

7. The guy who shared the joyful moment he became a "beagle daddy."

8. The man who was happy about his hair donation.

9. The friends who commemorated taking their first hiking trip alone.

10. The dad who celebrated the day and encouraged his daughters to do the same.

11. The person who celebrated taking shelter dog on trip.

Cover image via Unsplash


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