People Embrace Their Noses In All Their Schnoz Glory With 'Side Profile Selfies'

"I’ve spent my whole life hiding from a side-profile photograph."

Freelance journalist Radhika Sanghani wants to encourage people to celebrate their noses in all their glory — regardless of its size, shape, or imperfections. She's encouraging people to share photos prominently featuring their schnozes and tag them with .

"I've spent my whole life hiding from a side-profile photograph," Sanghani wrote in an article in Grazia about her campaign."Every time I see a camera I know exactly how to position myself so my nose isn't captured on film in its full, crooked glory. I know I'm not the only one — and I want you to help me put an end to it."


For decades, the entertainment and fashion industries have spread the idea that big noses are bad ones. But it's time we start to expand our narrow definition of beauty

"My theory is beauty standards have lauded small noses over big ones because they fit in with the idea of women being delicate, dainty and not taking up space," Sanghani wrote in Grazia. "But we're not. We're bold, strong, and we can take up as much space as we want, even with our bodies."

Sanghani notes that we've seen progress celebrating other taboos such as cellulite, body hair, and acne, but big noses still haven't been reclaimed as beautiful online. She's hoping to help change that. 

She took to Twitter to share a side profile photo of herself and encouraged her followers to do the same. "Breaking the big nose taboo with my new campaign on the !!" she wrote. "Let's stop hating our noses for not being tiny, little snubs and learn to love them by sharing a ."

Many women followed her lead and opened up about their struggle to love their noses.

Some men took part in the social media campaign too, revealing that they've also felt self-conscious about their noses.

Here's to hoping more and more people start to embrace what's in the middle of their face instead of feeling insecure about it. 

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