It's Sexy, Juicy, And It's Totally Not What You're Thinking Of

I'd love to take a bite!

Walking an extra mile for creative food packaging? You bet. Clever Chinese fruit vendor, Yao Yuan, has come up with a rather unusual way to boost his peach sales. He dresses them in all sorts of sexy lingerie: from lacy thongs to see-through knickers.

According to Mr. Yuan, the miniature peach-panties are produced by a company making some of the most exclusive designer labels in the world. They even make custom designs to cover the strangest tastes. "There"s nothing we"d be too embarrassed to handle," said Yuan in a recent interview.

Cute, right? However, when you see the price you might be a little stunned: 498 yuan (80 USD) for a box of nine sassy fruits. Yao"s peaches, suggestively named "Ripe Fruit", were meant to become the ultimate present for the Qixi Festival (Chinese version of Valentine"s Day). (via Kotaku, Boredpanda)


Chinese fruit vendor has found an unusual sales-boosting technique.


He sells peaches dressed up in sexy lingerie. Each fruit is dressed by hand.

freeweibo. xiangw

Yao Yuan takes custom orders; one client requested all peaches wear leather knickers with studs and chains.


A box of nine sassy peaches costs 498 yuan, 80 USD, in case you were looking for that perfect combination of stone fruit and lingerie.

SOURCE(S):,Kotaku, and Boredpanda. Image sources beneath individual pictures.

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