Jimmy Fallon And Paul McCartney Surprise Tourists, And The Reactions Are Priceless

That's one awesome elevator ride.

While promoting his new album on The Tonight Show this week, Paul McCartney joined Jimmy Fallon to surprise some unsuspecting fans at 30 Rock. We always love when Fallon does this with his guests, but when the guest is Paul McCartney, it's even more entertaining.

The fans in question were on a tour of NBC Studios when their elevator stopped on Fallon and McCartney's floor. The pair thought up some funny things to do when the doors opened, like smoking pipes and playing ping-pong. Sadly, the doors closed after just a fleeting glimpse of the stars. 


Obviously, the reactions were priceless. The fans' screams changed in volume when they realized that McCartney was there as well as Fallon. One woman even began walking out of the elevator to greet them, but was held back by the tour guide.

"I thought, when I was little, I was gonna marry Paul McCartney," another fan explained to the camera. "So that's the closest I ever got, and I am thrilled."

Fallon and McCartney ended the segment with a duet of The Beatles' "Drive My Car," with McCartney on the guitar and Fallon on the tambourine. Unfortunately, no fans were there to see it — unless you count those of us watching at home.

Check out all the hilarious reactions in the video below:

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