This 3-Year-Old Doesn't Want Any Of The Presents Under His Tree — He Wants To Give Them Away

"You don't have to be 3 to make a difference."

3-year-old Patrick McClung's Christmas tree is already filled up with gifts. But none of them are for him.

Because after learning about homelessness, this toddler decided he wanted to help. 

"I don't want them to sleep on a piece of cardboard," he said in video footage uploaded to Facebook.

So Patrick and his mother Destinee started setting up boxes and signs around their community for people to donate toys, clothes, and other supplies for the homeless, according to Alaskan news station KTVA.

And then the unexpected happened.

"Today I got a phone call that one of Patrick's boxes was full and needed a pick up. When we stopped by FWWI it was MORE than full! Overflowing! We left with 3 full garbage bags of donations! Patrick said "oh my goodness! I didn't expect this to happen!" Destinee writes in a photo caption posted to Facebook.


Patrick even traded his own train collection for $20 to be spent entirely on others.

"You don't have to be 3 to make a difference," Destinee reminds viewers in a KTVA video report.

So what does Patrick want to be when he grows up? According to KTVA, he wants to be Santa.

We can't think of a more fitting role. 

Be sure to watch the full report below:


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