These Massive Milkshakes Are So Glorious, You'll Want To Travel Halfway 'Round The World To Get One


They may look like a thing of your dreams, but these milkshakes are as real as it gets.

They've been taking the Internet by storm and for good reason: they're massive and ridiculously yummy-looking. A Canberra, Australia, cafe called Patissez can claim the fame to these suckers, which they call "epic freak shakes." In other words, if you're on a diet, run far, far away.

They're massive milkshakes with flavors that include Nutella Pretzel and Salted Caramel. Anna Petridis, a co-owner of the cafe, came up with the creations. 

"I wanted to do some really great shakes, and so ridiculous and over the top that people just had to take a photo of it before they ate it," Petridis told the Canberra Times. "We never imagined the response to be this big."

People have taken to Instagram to share photos of the freak shakes and there's no way you won't be drooling by the end of this. 

It's no surprise that people have reportedly waited 45 minutes to an hour for them.


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Sadly, they don't ship to the U.S. just yet. But apparently, the small business has big plans. In the meantime, a trip to Australia may be in order.

Hungry anyone?


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