2 Guys Take Each Other On In An Epic Rap Battle Using Only Compliments


When you hear the words "rap battle," you probably think wits, scorns, sneering at each other, looking for the weakest points in your opponent and not holding back.

Well, this video is about to turn your perception 180 degrees.

Last year, people visiting Canada's annual Hopscotch Festival witnessed a spectacular musical performance of two rappers slaughtering each other in the most polite rap contest ever. Local star Pat Stay was meeting Rone, a lyrical virtuoso from Philadelphia also known as the Hard Hitting Poet, in what's known as the compliment rap battle.


Rone was the first one to take the wheel.

'Yo, when you walk in a room, people notice. Fireworks surround you. Time slows, we lose focus of everything around you.'

'You're probably more polite than me. You're probably better on a bike than me. If we put up the same status on Facebook you will probably get more likes than me.'

The concept of compliment rap battles is that instead of insulting each other, the opponents are supposed to "kill them with kindness and craft [their] bars to be more flattering than fierce," Henry Mansell of Battle Rap explains.

The format is both challenging to the artist and unexpected to the viewer, which makes it so appealing to watch.

'You're a beast, a legend, an innovator. I swear to God I'm gonna buy you dinner later.'

Rone was crushing it! But Pat Stay wasn't going to give up. He spit some pretty dope rhymes as well ...

'His mommy and daddy are rich. If I had a body like his, I'd be an underwear model for Abercrombie & Fitch.'

'If my girl wanted to cheat on me with you, I wouldn't even stop her. I'd scream in holler and excitement for her every time I'd see you call her.'

The intense battle goes on for 30 minutes, but with every second their rhymes become mores sharp and witty. Be sure to watch it 'til the very end to find out who wins.

Watch the full video below:


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