Someone Created The Ultimate Passive-Aggressive Note For Bad Parkers

Burned by a turtle.

Racing driver Bill Caswell wrote and posted a hilarious article on racing blog Build, Race, Party about a flier a friend of his created that is squarely aimed at correcting the loathsome habits of society's serial bad parkers. 

Caswell describes the conundrum of what to do when confronted with the ever-vexing issue in his article, summarizing the problem as follows:

"We've all seen it. Some *sshat thinks his car is nicer than everyone else's car and takes up two spots to prevent his door from being dinged. There's really nothing you can do. As car people, we would never damage another person's car. I've heard stories of letting the air out of the tires so he's stuck there for a while. But really there's nothing you can do."

But there's hope. 

"My friend made this and keeps a few copies in his glove box," Caswell writes. "When he comes across an *sshat parking job, he leaves it under their windshield wiper."

The flier made its way onto a thread by Redditor MattyTheDog and is currently racing around the Internet. 



Now, we don't recommend random acts of passive-aggressive note-leaving ... but if you HAVE to leave a note, this is probably better than something scrawled in lipstick.

Caswell thoughtfully included a link to the flier for his fellow good parkers to print and keep on hand.

Be thoughtful, be kind ... and please park in the lines. 


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