Video Of 18-Year-Old Daredevil Jumping Fences And Riding Atop A Moving Train Will Give You Chills

Only in ... Ukraine.


There's just something about riding public trains that is unanimously icky no matter what country you're from. Well, OK, it's probably not that hard to figure out ...

Public trains are usually crowded. Someone is always hovering above you, reading your texts of heavy breathing down your neck. There's always at least one person eating something pungent, plus a few individuals loudly slurping their iced coffee drinks, plus a kid throwing a tantrum.

When you add those things up to the equation, the picture does look very grim. Unfortunately, not all of us can escape this reality as easily as this daredevil from Ukraine.

A Keiv-based teenager who goes by the name Pasha Bumchik recently posted a POV video of his heart-stopping metro ride on the roof of a moving train. Check out his footage in the video above!

Looks like Pasha, who is only 18-years-old, isn't a newbie in the whole daredevil thing.

In his Instagram account, Pasha shares some adrenaline-inducing shots of himself climbing buildings and hanging down from the rooftops.

While some argue that performing stunts and risking lives for a rush of adrenaline is stupid, many daredevils would say it's much more fulfilling — it's about overcoming the fear and celebrating life to the fullest.

We'll let you decide which one it is. But remember — it takes a lot of work and determination. So maybe don't go jumping trains just yet ...


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