This Astonishing Video Of Paris Will Take Your Breath Away

If there's one video you watch today, make it this one.

Paul Richardson is a Manchester-based photographer who creates stunning time-lapse videos.

The unique look is achieved "through 3 axis of motion, giving the footage a dynamic edge creating shots," his website reads.

Last week he debuted his newest—and perhaps most impressive—video: a tour of Paris.

Paul Richardson

The video, which was shot over three weeks, features the world's most romantic city's famous landmarks, as well as some dramatic shots of its newer buildings.

Paul Richardson

Richardson enjoys time-lapse videos because of "how theu emphasize things that you normally can't see otherwise," he told A+.

Courtesy of Paul Richardson

"I wanted to capture Paris in a way that hadn't been shown before," Richardson told A+. "Particularly by concentrating on the new side, along with the traditional touristic areas. The only real difficulties were battling away the people who were interested in what I was doing, but were unfortunately ruining what I was doing by getting in the way."

Watch the entire video here:

J'adore Paris from Paul Richardson on Paul Richardson/Vimeo.

Check out the rest of Richardson's work here.

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