13 Times Our Parents Knew What They Were Talking About After All

Ok, fine, whatever.

Parents tend to do a lot of talking while kids do plenty of ignoring. We don't like to admit we're wrong, but maybe — just maybe — there's a chance they were occasionally right about a thing or two. Maybe.

We thought back to the moments when we realized we probably shouldn't have been so quick to dismiss what our parents told us, times when we either learned the hard way or just found ourselves sounding exactly like them. Here are some of our more humbling moments.

1. On bad boys.

"I dated the spawn of Satan when I was 19 and brushed off all my mother's warnings about him being bad news. Every time I tried to end things his parents would call me and ask me to take him back. We finally broke up screaming at each other in public and he drove away so I had to walk home past midnight. (This was in a city where no woman who wants to stay alive will be outside by herself at night)"

2. On celebrating milestones.

"When my mom told me I had to walk at high school graduation. I left school early and hadn't really been back in year, but she was right: things that don't matter in the moment can become important years later."

3. On ink.

"It's your skin, but you might regret getting a tattoo...(Yep. Every. Day.)"

4. On debt.

"When I was applying to college, my mom warned me about paying a ridiculous amount of money to go to a school when I could go to a cheaper school (with slightly less street cred) but still end up in the same place, esp. because I'd have to take out loans. At the time, I gave her so much crap because I didn't care about how much costs were. I just wanted to go to the best school of my choice. We were able to compromise where I went to a cheaper school for a year and then a more expensive school for my last three all on loans. Well, I'm glad that I did because if I had to take out loans for the other schools I had wanted to go to I wouldn't be able to survive. I'm lucky enough to have a job, but I'm grateful I only gave her sh*t for making me go to a less expensive school without completely ignoring her otherwise I'd be swimming in debt."

5. On moderation.

"My dad always said "if one person tells you you're drunk, tell them to f*ck off. If two people tell you you're drunk, maybe you should go lie down." It took about three years of college for me realize this was good advice."

6. On things that break.

"My mom always complains about how you can't buy goods of the same quality as you could years ago, or that everything has gotten so expensive. When I learned about planned obsolescence and the way the cost of living has been rising faster than most people's incomes, I realized she wasn't just complaining for the fun of it."

7. On staying on the bench.

"My mom always begged me not to play sports when I was too hurt, and I used to ignore her and try to be the tough guy. Now I need chiropractor appointments and massages and my shoulders and back are all jacked cause I never listened."

8. On leaving the nest.

"In high school was very attached to my Los Angeles, and hated change. I was really scared to go away to college. My mom told me I had to go to a university in a different city (to help me learn to be more independent/adjust to change) and that if I went to a school in LA I was only allowed to come home for holidays and that's it... definitely wouldn't be allowed to go home to do laundry. I knew she was right even then and wanted to challenge myself to go to school in a different city, far-ish away from home, and i'm so glad i did. Leaving home was the best thing i ever did for myself."

9. On staying dry.

"For those of you who also had parents who warned you about going out in the rain, then you pretty much know where this one is headed.

I went out during a rainstorm that was so bad, it flooded and reached my car. My entire engine flooded and I had to push my car through the flood to a repair shop. On a date.

That's why when it rains, as your parents might warn you, don't go out."

10. On slowing down.

"Not speeding. Yeah, parents/police told me not to speed. I did anyway. Ended up with a $250 ticket, 3 points on my license and a very harsh court hearing. The judge made me cry. My dad laughed."

11. On drinking and driving.

"Driving under the influence. Back home drunk driving is not a big deal (so stupid) but one time I did that I hit the curb and my tire exploded, and I idiotically tried to drive home anyway because I was kind of close already. Obviously the cops were waiting for someone to do something dumb at that corner and I ended up having to call my long-suffering father to come help me out.


12. On focusing on quality.

"My dad always says "never buy the cheapest or the most expensive one" -- to this day I still don't pay attention to that advice even though the guy clearly knows what he's talking about. Guess which side I always skew towards."

13. On taking the plunge.

"Also, my mom took me to a pre-college meet up in my area to get to know some classmates. I did not want to go AT ALL. But she made me and I ended up meeting one of my best friends there."


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