Parents Go Undercover To Hear What Their Kids Really Think About Them

And then they take off the disguises.

When you're a kid, it's tough to always be honest with your parents. Unless, of course, you don't realize they're in the same room with you.

In a new video from YouTube channel Field Day, parents teamed up with makeup artist and video blogger Promise Phan to pull a fast one on their children. After donning disguises, they sat down for an interview with their kids, who were completely unaware. The parents then coaxed their kids into sharing what they had been keeping from mom and dad.

With their parents sitting right there, the children unleashed hilarious criticisms and confessions: broken fridge doors, how bad their mom's singing was, what their least favorite thing that mom and dad do is, and so on.

But the best part was the children's' reaction at the end when they realized they'd been talking to one of their parents the whole time. 

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