Parents Tell Their Kids How They Lost Their Virginity After Hearing Their Stories First

"Mom, how many people have you been with?"

Earlier this week, we shared a beautifully awkward video where kids told their parents about their experiences losing their virginity. They answered questions about sex positions, duration, and whether or not they felt pleasure during their first time.

In a new video from Cut, parents are now the ones sitting in the hot seat. Although most of the kids clearly don't want to hear the answer, they ask their parents about where and when they lost their virginity, and what it felt like. 

"How did you feel about your first time? Did you wait for marriage?" one daughter asks her mother. 

"The ideal for my two daughters [would] be to wait until they're married," her mother replied. "I did not."

They also answered questions about positions, birth control, and the number of sexual partners they've had. Most of the parents seemed very comfortable divulging intimate details about their sex lives. Their kids, on the other hand, still seemed pretty uncomfortable, but they were good sports about the whole thing. 

You can check it out in the video below.


Videos like this one help to show parents the importance of speaking openly about taboo topics with their kids. As uncomfortable as it may be, speaking honestly about sex, consent, and birth control can help to prevent sexual assault, pregnancy, and sexually transmitted diseases. 

If you'd rather leave sex education questions to their school, we have bad news. As we've mentioned previously, only 24 states and the District of Columbia require public schools teach sex education, which includes abstinence-only-until-marriage programs. Only 13 of those 24 states require the program to be medically accurate. Unfortunately, many people aren't getting the information they need to have a healthy, safe sex life from school. 

So, go ahead. Embrace the awkwardness like these parents did (on camera!) and have open, honest, and informative conversations about sex. 

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