These Parents Don’t Understand These Memes, But It Doesn’t Stop Them From Having Opinions

"Is that Ronald McDonald?"

When it comes to the internet's obsession with memes, what do parents think?

In a hilarious video from React on YouTube, parents are asked to respond to memes they may or may not recognize. "I don't even know how to respond to this nonsense," one parent named Sharon says just a few seconds into the video.

"I never know any memes, and then I try to make a guess and it's usually very far off," Trudi adds before seeing the first meme.


With that, the parents are presented with their first meme, which reads: "You can't be broke if you don't check your bank account," attached to an image of a man smiling and pointing to his brain. 

"Actually, you can. When you try to use your ATM card or your debit card. You sure can," Jason responds, quite logically. 

After responding to some more memes, the parents are presented with one with screen shots from the movie, It.

"I have tacos down here," reads the text above a photo of Pennywise in the sewer. Below that are three images of a kid climbing into the sewer with the text, "Me." 

"I'd be like, baseball sliding straight down there," Tyler says in response to the meme.

"Is that Ronald McDonald?" another participant named Don responds. 

Needless to say, watching these parents react to memes is pretty entertaining. Check out more in the video below:


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