Parents Try To Figure Out Modern Teen Slang, And They Have Some Interesting Guesses

How many do you know?

There are few things quite as amusing as watching people react to pop culture from another generation. In the past, we've seen kids give their opinions on Madonna videos, parents react to modern music, and seniors comment on Beyoncé.

In the case of the latest "React" video from Fine Brothers Entertainment, the fun comes from a group of parents trying to figure out what modern teen slang terms mean. Depending on your age or how much time you spend on social media, you might have as much trouble as they do.

The first term that stumps them is the abbreviation "TFTI." They guess everything from "too fresh, too important" to "to forget the iceberg." They eventually learn that it stands for "thanks for the invite ... usually used in sarcasm when a bunch of your buddies go out, and they don't invite you."

"I'm old, so no one I know goes out," says mom Trudi. "We're all just, like, in our jammies watching Netflix and chilling." We wonder if she even realizes the other slang term she just used.

When they've scratched their heads and had a laugh over everything from "glo'ed up" to "GOAT," dad Jason recognizes that this confusion occurs for every generation. "There's just some words now that, to me, don't even make sense. I'm sure that when I was growing up, people my age now, then, were thinking, 'What are you talking about?' "

Check out all the parents' reactions in the video below:


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