21 Parents Who Haven't Mastered Parenting 101 And Their Fails Are Epic

These parents need some help.

Parenting is not easy.

While new parents can often learn the best advice from other parents, it seems that these new parents can use all of the help that they can get. Even though they're trying to hard to be a good parent, sometimes they might come up short.

Here are 21 parents who attempted this whole parenting thing, but could totally use a few pointers:

1. Catch!

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2. Crying more than your child.

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3. Pull your pants up.

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4. This doesn't look safe.

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5. Halloween is about the kids, not you.

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6. That's not how it works.

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7. Put down the XBox.

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8. A baby is not a table.

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9. Multitasking as a parent might sometimes look like this.

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10. You're not exactly helping.

11. Not the best way to teach children about oral hygiene.

Good Parenting

12. Not the best time to drop your phone.

Wasted no time in committing the first of many parenting fails

13. Not the best way to use your kid's head.


14. Be careful when working on your dance skills.

Parenting Done Right

15. Did this parent run out of kids clothing?

Really? Parenting Today....... SMH

16. The device is helpful to the child, but not while in this seat.

Bad parenting

17. Congrats, Mom. Here is your newborn.

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18. This is not a shopping cart.

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19. Really?

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20. You almost had a great moment and then beer happened.

Parenting at it's finest "Take a picture of me holding the baby and the beers!"

21. Can you believe this one?



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