This Nurse Screamed At The Sight Of Her Patient In The Hall — Here's Why


Parents filmed their daughter, Bailey Miller, as she pushed her wheelchair down the hospital hallway towards her favorite, unsuspecting nurse.

According to the YouTube video, Bailey suffered from paralysis — from the waist down — for 11 days, without explanation.

But then, much to the nurse's surprise, Bailey stands up right as the nurse goes in for a hug.


What ensues is completely heartwarming.

And as a report on WGN-TV reads, "If you ever needed any evidence that nurses care vastly about every single patient they encounter, this is it."

YouTube commenters agree, writing notes like: "This woman is the kind of person we should all try to emulate," and "I just want to say that nurses are awesome — They don't get enough appreciation."

(H/T: Reddit)

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