Paolo Ballesteros Transforms Himself Into People From Hollywood

"Finally, with a different canvas — my face — and makeup, I brought out the artist within me."

Last year, we totally geeked out when we saw father, makeup artist, and actor, Paolo Ballesteros, use makeup to turn himself into some pretty badass Game of Thrones characters

More recently, Ballesteros has been adding to his transformation repertoire by turning himself into female celebrities, such as Emma Watson, Gal Gadot, and Lily Collins

"I'm an artist at heart and by blood," Ballesteros told A Plus in an email, adding that both his great-grandfather and father have been artists. "I find it fascinating because I have been searching for the artist or painter within me, but really don't have the patience and the inspiration to make paintings and be like my great-grandfather or my dad. Finally, with a different canvas — my face — and makeup, I brought out the artist within me."

For the Watson transformation, Ballesteros added some contour, freckles, and a smokey eye, as well as Watson's brown side-swept hair. He said he decided to transform into Watson after catching some Harry Potter movies on television.


Since uploading the image to Instagram just two days ago, Ballesteros's post has accumulated over 80 thousand likes and tons of positive comments. 

In the beginning, Ballesteros says he was just creating these transformations for his fans. But now, he has "a wider range of followers from different parts of the world, moms, professional makeup artists," telling him that his works inspire them. 

"It's a hidden fulfillment for an artist to be appreciated, and moreover, to be an inspiration to someone."

Check out more from Ballesteros in the photos below:

(H/T: BuzzFeed)

This isn't the first time that artists have proven just how creative a person can be with makeup. Earlier this August, we covered Audrey Logeais, a makeup artist who transforms people into popular Disney villains, such as Scar from The Lion King and Jafar from Aladdin. And in 2015, Lianne Moseley showed us how to become real-life superheroes

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