This Mind-Bending Picture Is Of One Room In A French Hotel

Which side are you on?

Graffiti artist Tilt has created, what he calls, a Panic Room. It"s a hotel room in the Au Vieux hotel in Marseille, France.

As you can see, the room is harshly divided into two sections: one white and serene and the other... well, chaotic to say the least.

Together with his friends, Tilt turned half of the room into a color-bursting canvas full of tags and paint drips. The difference is uncanny!

They started with paper-white walls that had nothing on them.

First tags slowly appear. It took Tilt a whole week to finish his project.

The idea was to show people they can appreciate any type of graffiti and it's all just a point of view.

Laser-sharp division between the calm and chaotic, empty and full.

In an interview with MyModernMet, hotel's representative said it's a common practice in their hotel: every year six artists get to create six different rooms.

Their purpose is to allow visitors to experience the artist's universe and sleep in an artwork, literally.

Let's end it with an even more mind-bending video of the process:

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