Stop What You're Doing Right Now And Watch This Panda Play In The Snow

He's having the time of his life — and so will you.

Da Mao has been at the Toronto Zoo since March 2013. "On loan" from China, the giant panda bear will live in Canada until 2018. 

And he has plenty of reasons to love his temporary surroundings, including the recent arrival of his two new baby cubs, born to the zoo's female panda, Er Shun.

But video from the zoo seems to showcase Da Mao's joy at another arrival — a blanket of snow.

In a clip posted on the Toronto Zoo Facebook page, the big bear is seen racing out of his cave and rolling down the snowy hill.

But for those concerned this video exploits some sort of animal cruelty, fear not: the bear is clearly having fun, as he walks back up the hill, only to throw himself down it a second time.

Who can hold back a giggle as Da Mao experiences one of winter's greatest pleasures?

Watch the video here!

In another clip, Da Mao is seen climbing on his enclosure's jungle gym-like structures, contorting around the steps in an effort to immerse himself in the fluffy white stuff.


Check it out below:

He looks like he's in heaven!

And this isn't a new thing. Two years ago, Da Mao got a taste of a full Canadian winter, and was seen frolicking and rolling around in it, much to the delight of zookeepers and the adoring public.

If only all snow days were this fun.

Cover image: Toronto Zoo via YouTube

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