Dad Creates Intricate, Colorful Works Of Art All Out Of Pancakes

This person needs to open a restaurant immediately.

Ever made a meal where you thought to yourself, "man, I'm so creative!" Well, be prepared to never have that feeling again.

A reddit poster tipped us off that one of their friends was making insanely artistic pancakes for his kids. He posted the pictures on imgur, and you can check them out below.

1. Forget a bowl of cereal, how about a fish bowl pancake?

2. Open your 'Jaws' real wide to eat this one.

3. Try not to cry while you eat Rio.

4. I'd be about this excited to try one of these pancakes.

5. You should definitely hang around anyone with these cooking skills.

6. Whale you be having breakfast today?

7. They're a grrrrrrrreat way to start the day.

8. Eat this one slowly.

9. Must be a Chicago Bears fan.

10. Have some pride in your cooking!

11. Avoid looking into his eyes while you eat.

12. Finally, our chance to eat Godzilla.

13. This is one rhino that won't be more endangered after you eat him.

H/t Reddit

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