This Adorable Ball Of Wrinkles Is A Master Of Disguise With These Silly Costumes

So much cute.

Meet Paddington, a Shar-Pei from Australia whose hefty wrinkles and droopy snout are taking Instagram by storm.


Paddington has an uncanny air of nobility and, with some help from his human, Annie Jacob, is the master of disguise.

In the blink of an eye, Paddington can transform into a professor.

Or a dapper young hipster with a man bun.

How about a grandpa?

Count Dracula.

Jacob said that Paddington is a natural in front of the camera. "While I was learning to use the camera, Paddington was learning to sit still so we became somewhat of a team," she said. "Now when the camera equipment comes out he knows what time it is and is the perfect little gentleman."

Here's Paddington as a mad scientist.

A police officer.

Batman — or more appropriately, Padman.


Bugs Bunny.

To see more of Paddington, check out his Instagram page here.

(H/T: Lost at E Minor)


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