15 Pets And Owners Who Look Alike

Must-see cuteness!

Dressing up your favorite pet in an outfit is one thing, but to wear the same exact outfit as your pet is something better. After all, if they can invent a smartphone-controlled dog jacket, then they certainly can create clothes that fit you and your favorite four-legged friend.

Here are 15 owners who dressed like their pets and in the process, looked so frickin' adorable:


1. They're in the hood.

2. The 'puur'fect holiday card.

3. Both are dressed for work.

4. Gotta keep your feet warm.

5. They carry those pants in your dog's size.

6. Matching PJs for the entire family.

7. Who rocks the red sweater better?

8. A matching purse with your tortoise.

9. And matching hats.

10. Chickens look good in PJs.

11. They both look cool.

12. They match in the most beautiful way.

13. Matching clothes for your little sports fan buddy.

14. Cat sweater selfie.

15. A cute matching outfit for the holidays.


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