This Adorable Golden Retriever Is A Real Life Linus

This pup is the cutest.

Otus, the golden retriever, is the sweetest pup who has ever owned a security blanket. His owner, jarius9 says:

Most every morning our Golden Retriever, Otus, drags his blanket out of the bedroom, and takes it outside with him to lay on. He's just about mastered the technique of walking without stepping on the blanket.

He started doing it when we moved into our new house in March 2014. He had the same blanket at our previous residence, but never showed any interest in it. We've washed it because he sometimes lays it on top of our plants and gets it dirty, and washing it has not changed his behavior.

We adopted him from the Humane Society in April 2012. Nobody knows his age since he arrived at the Humane Society as a stray, but our veterinarian thinks he's probably nine years old.

(H/T: The Daily Golden)



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