During His Proposal, This Girlfriend Takes To Social Media — And It's Kind Of Sad

Put that thing down.

It would be hypocritical to say we haven't let technology interfere with important life moments: from traveling, to special occasions, to simple lunch dates with friends, we often let photos and videos and texts and posts come first.

In 'Otherwise Engaged,' a short film written and directed by Alicia MacDonald, a guy tries to propose from his girlfriend, Megan, atop a gorgeous hill overlooking a park and city skyline. 


He gets down on one knee and begins his proposal, trying to get Megan's attention through her headphones.

When she realizes he's proposing, Megan stops him, whips out her phone, and presses record.

Once they're engaged, they have to get a good selfie for social media. "I said yes! hashtag love hashtag no filter."

"Get the ring!"

And aside from being totally disengaged from the world...

They are, otherwise, engaged.

Is this how it's really going to be?

Instances such as this, where technology and social media cause a lack of attention, or, like in the video, interfere with momentous occasions, is something we should continue to investigate. 

In "Reclaiming Our (Real) Lives From Social Media," New York Times author Nick Bilton describes a hypothetical scenario in which Ernest Hemingway chose to delve into a smartphone world rather than handwrite the first chapter of his memoir, "A Moveable Feast," on a rainy day.

"If you went through history and took away all the stuff people were doing while they were supposed to be doing something else, you wouldn't have a lot left," John Perry, an author and philosophy professor at Stanford told The New York Times.

And though, of course, capturing photographs or using technology to connect isn't entirely bad, we should be aware of how much we're using it, and understand when it's appropriate to just put that thing down.

Watch the full video below:


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