11 Arguments That Prove That When It Comes To Movies, The Original Rules

First time's a charm.

Just when you least expect it, Hollywood is bringing your favorite movie back in a brand-new reboot. These remakes occur all of the time now. And while there is certainly some excitement in the air about a remake of any classic film, there is a sometimes a bit of pushback.

Here are 11 reasons why movie reboots might be cool, but the originals will always be slightly better:


1. It waters down the original movie plot.

2. It makes mediocre original movies seem like classics.

3. Younger generations might not even realize there is a better, original film.

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4. Special effects shouldn't be a substitute for a real plot and good acting.

5. No matter how big your budget is, more money doesn't mean a better movie.

Let us never forget the 1998 Godzilla

6. Not such a great idea to make a movie out of an old TV show.

7. Great concepts from years ago may not work again today.

8. Box office success is not always a great substitute for a quality movie.

9. The audience may not be ready for a new version of their favorite movie.

10. And for every remake that is actually really awesome ...

Imgur Movie Lounge: Ocean's Eleven (2001)

11. ... it seems like there are many others that are not.

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