Pregnant Woman Proves Just How Strong An Orangutan's Intuition Is

Animals are smarter than we think.

During a trip to the Colchester Zoo, Jay Clarke and his wife got a special surprise.

After approaching the glass, Rajang, a 47-year-old orangutan, Clarke's wife decided it'd be funny to press her belly against the orangutan's glass cage. 

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At first, Rajang seems fixated on her belly. But after a moment's thought, the animal did something amazing. 

He leaned in for a kiss.

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But that's just the beginning of this story...

Apparently, Rajang's mother died when he was just 1-month-old. That makes his connection to a pregnant woman's belly all the more fascinating. While it's true that orangutans and primates in general are known for investigating things with their lips, this doesn't appear to be a coincidence.

According to Clarke, who uploaded the video: "I put my belly too the glass and got a dirty look then when I placed my hand on the he tryed to push my hand away my partner returned her belly to the glass and Rajang touched and kissed her belly again through the glass."

Just look at this second smooch!

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Check out the full video here:


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