Orange Is The New Black's "Honey Jar" Is the "Peeno Noir" Tribute Tune You Never Knew You Needed

"Screw with Red and get a scar."

After putting aside their differences, the characters of Orange is the New Black banded together in a harmonic tribute to another member of the Netflix family. 


That's right — the lovely ladies of Lichfield Penitentiary are singing about "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" in their newest song "Honey Jar."

The song, filled with inmate inside joke and killer vocals, is an homage to UKS character Titus Andromedon, whose masterpiece song "Peeno Noir" inspired its own real life Pinot Noir brand

While the video pumps up UKS fans for the upcoming second season (premiering April 15), it's nothing but a tease for OITNB fans who have to wait until June 17 to see their favorite felons. Well, at least they can learn all the words to "Honey Jar" in the meantime.

What other crossover videos do the Netflix gods have in store for us mere mortals? A "Kimmy Goes to Prison" tribute, perhaps? One can only hope. 


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