An 'OITNB' Fan Trespassed The Set, Took These Awesome Photos ... And Got A Fantastic Response From The Show

It's the real-life Litchfield!


Netflix binges are a luxurious way to spend one's time, but 19-year-old Samantha Gardella, an avid fan of Orange is the New Black, wanted to go one step further in immersing herself in the female-centric show set in the fictional Litchfield prison. After finding out that OITNB's fourth season was being filmed at the vacated Rockland Children's Psychiatric Center, close to her hometown in Monroe, N.Y., the teenager trespassed the abandoned OITNB set for a photo shoot — and received a brilliant response from the show. 

Gardella, a film student, took screenshots of various scenes from the show and lined them up with its actual locations for her photo shoot. She was reportedly inspired by similar photos where captured scenes from The Walking Dead were matched with their real-life locations. How did she enter the facility? The teenager said that there was no gate at the entryway to deter visitors, and all the gates and fences were unlocked. Other fans of the show were milling around real-life Litchfield, too, she said. "There is no gate at the entryway to keep any uninvited guests out," she told HuffPost in an email. "When I went there the second and third time, all of their fences and doors were unlocked, which was odd because you'd think they'd lock everything."

She then posted her photos to Tumblr, where they quickly went viral.

OITNB's legal team took notice, too — a representative sent her an email reminding her that it was private New York state property. According to BuzzFeed, the last line of the email read, "We would appreciate your adherence to the 'No Trespassing' sign on the property, and respectfully request that you do not enter the property in the future."

But those behind the show's official Twitter account decided to inject a little humor into their response to her photos — issuing a "Litchfield trespassing citation" from none other than the dreamy Officer John Bennett.

The creative film student also created a video of her set tour.

Overall, Gardella told BuzzFeed that the notice from OITNB's legal team was enough caution for her — she wouldn't recommend other fans to do the same. But, hey, at least now we have Gardella's cool photos to revel in after another binge watching session. 

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