You Might Go Crazy Trying To Figure Out This Incredible Optical Illusion

The illusion you're about to see offers little comfort.

It's one thing to see a printed optical illusion or even one that gives its secrets away as you watch it unfold on video. The wow-factor is substantial enough to satisfy your curiosity and leave you feeling amused and maybe even a little smug if you've figured out how and why it worked. 

The illusion you're about to see offers no such comfort. It may actually make you a little uncomfortable because it completely defies all expectations. Spoiler videos have emerged in the wake of this illusion created by Kokichi Sugihara of Japan's Meiji University, which took the 2nd Place prize in the Neural Correlate Society's annual "Best Illusion of the Year" competition ... though we've yet to find one that really satisfies the need for an answer created by the original.

It's that good.

Part of the reason it's so effective is because it turns our expectations upside-down. We're not exactly sure what we're seeing or how it's possible. Our brains reject this and we start thinking of possible answers, none of which can satisfy what we're witnessing.

It starts simply enough with a mirror standing upright on a table draped in green cloth... And then everything gets weird. 

Take a look for yourself, and please, no spoilers in the comments!


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