This Optical Illusion Marriage Proposal Is One Of The Most Creative Ones We've Seen

A memory that will last forever.

Upon first glance, this marriage proposal might look just like a painting. But take a second look, and you'll start to see the real-life people emerging from the art.  

According to The Huffington Post, artist Alexa Meade helped transform Dan Levine and his girlfriend into living works of art for a memorable surprise proposal. 

Meade paints "directly on top of [her] subjects to create the illusion that real people and 3D spaces appear as a 2D painting," according to her Instagram account. She used black and white acrylic paint to cover the couple's clothing and bodies and make them appear like a street art optical illusion.

She "even managed to covertly paint a shadow on Cordova's ring finger," The Huffington Post reports.

Then, in a video uploaded to YouTube, the couple stands against an all-white garage, posing for photographs. 

From behind the camera, Levine's girlfriend is asked to stand and pose while Levine slyly adjusts his position and prepares for the proposal. 

See how it turns out in the full video below:


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