In A Big Surprise, Tiffany Haddish Finally Meets Oprah, And Her Reaction Is All Of Us

"Let's ask her why she didn't write back."

During her recent appearance on The Ellen Show, Tiffany Haddish tells Ellen DeGeneres that she's always wanted to meet Oprah Winfrey. And she's been trying for years. 

"So, back in the day, when I was a professional extra and photo double ... I did this movie called Their Eyes Are Watching God, and I was an extra and it was a movie that Oprah was producing, and she had walked by and I was making all the other extras laugh and stuff ... and [Oprah's] like, 'You're a very funny young lady,' " Haddish explains. Winfrey then asked her for her name and told her to write to her with updates on her career in stand-up comedy. And Haddish did, but she never got any responses.

"Let's ask her why she didn't write back," DeGeneres responds, surprising Haddish and welcoming Winfrey to the stage.

Haddish is clearly shocked and elated, even tearing up as Winfrey sits beside her. 

"I love you," Haddish says, completely overcome with emotion. 

"You are so, so, so good," Winfrey says.

"You told me that before in a dream!" Haddish responds. Winfrey then tells her she'll fill her in on who to really send letters to if she wants to correspond with Winfrey in the future.


After the surprise, DeGeneres explains that Haddish and Winfrey will be doing a cooking segment on the show where Haddish will be teaching everyone how to make her Joyful Greens.

"The key to making Joyful Greens is to be joyful," Haddish says. "You've got to smile when you pick 'em, you've got to be happy while you're cooking 'em." 

And we're all about that. 

We love that DeGeneres helped Haddish finally meet her hero, and we think this is the start of a very beautiful friendship. (Maybe even a business partnership, too.) Check it all out in the videos above.

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