When Is It OK To Start Spoiling Entertainment Online?

Immediately after it happens, never, or somewhere in between?

This past Sunday, the internet erupted at 10 p.m. EST, immediately after a certain dramatic Game of Thrones moment aired for East Coast viewers. For the unlucky people who hadn't watched the episode yet but happened to be on Twitter around that time, they fell victim to the ultimate buzzkill: a massive spoiler.

In the year 2016, TV shows, movies, and sports are all discussed in real time as their original broadcast takes place. It's just the way we consume entertainment now, and unfortunately, it can result in fans bumping into crucial information before they've had a chance to discover it themselves. Whether it's the death of a major character on a much-loved show, a crazy twist in a blockbuster film, or the exciting finish to a high-stakes game, getting spoiled always feels like you've had something special yanked from you, as dramatic as that sounds.

Established critic Matt Zoller Seitz of New York Magazine is all too aware of this fact, and as such, he's on a mission to nail down a universal set of rules when it comes to spoiler etiquette (ironically, spoilers for GoT in this article). Many argue it's the responsibility of the prospective spoiler not to post privileged information online, whereas others passionately believe that if you don't want something major spoiled for you, don't go online until you've watched the entertainment in question.

Both sides of the debate have their valid points, but the fair way to share the burden is likely somewhere in between them. As a means to find out just where that middle ground should be, Seitz has included a simple poll in the article linked above that asks just how much time people should wait before spoiling different events online.

If spoilers mean something, ANYTHING to you, do your part and submit your thoughts. Together we can find a solution to this very relevant and important issue, and ultimately make the world a better place.

Cover image: GameofThrones via YouTube


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