An Online Cat Video Festival Is Coming To San Francisco

It was only a matter of time.

For better or worse, the Internet loves cats. Whether cats love the Internet back is unclear, but apparently the feeling doesn't have to be mutual to warrant an offline convention celebrating cat videos. The Internet Cat Video Festival is coming to San Francisco January 21-23 in the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, and it's labeling itself exactly as you'd think such an event would.

"All new! All cats! All crazy!" begins the site's description. "Curated by Will Braden, the creator of the Henri Le Chat Noir videos, this all-new program contains everything from six second Vine videos to short dramas and documentaries — over 100 videos in all. Join your fellow cat lovers for this celebration of hilarious, odd, and downright adorable videos."

That's right, cat lovers of all attention span lengths will have their cat video fix satisfied. If the whole concept seems a little ridiculous, it's at least not as bizarre as the situations cat owners put their pets through. Maybe it's exactly because most felines seem cold and indifferent that we as a collective human race can't resist poking fun at them both metaphorically and literally. Babies do it. Fruit lovers do it. Skaters do it. There's no doubt about it — cats and video cameras were made for each other. You can either choose to deny it or embrace it, but it'll always be true.

So if you're in San Francisco towards the end of the January and have $10, this will be the true test of your feelings towards cat videos. Don't deny yourself what you truly want.

(H/T: The Next Web)

Cover image: Wikimedia


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