Boy Reading Hateful Comments About Himself Perfectly Explains What's Wrong With The Entire Internet

Shake it off!

Meet Logan Fairbanks.


This brilliant 11-year-old often makes appearances on his dad's YouTube Channel. Most of times, it's just silly videos of the two of them pranking each other.

Well, turns out Logan is a pretty phenomenal dancer too.

In the video uploaded just last year, Logan — as his dad puts it — freestyles  "his way into glory." Oh boy, he does exactly just that.

This kid has not only some pretty sweet dance moves, but also some serious sass.

Twerk twerk, Logan.

If you ask us, all we see is a cool confident kid having some fun.

But the Internet trolls quickly lashed out...

To confront all the haters out there and also send a powerful message to anyone who has ever been bullied online, Logan decided to read some of the hateful comments he got in front of the camera.

"Logan asked me to do this. As his dad I was very hesitant but he insisted that if there was a chance it could help someone then why not face his online bullies and try," Logan's farther explains on his YouTube channel. "I hope one day I have as much courage as he does."

This just breaks our hearts.

"Retard alert," Logan reads an actual comment on one of his videos.

"Fat gay a**," he continues.

"I hope he gets cancer."

Seriously, people? It's just an 11-year-old who enjoys a bit of dancing. Since when is dancing a slightest bit shameful?

"People who have been bullied, don't let these words affect you," Logan says.

You go, Logan. Make sure to watch the entire video.

(H/T: Elite Daily)


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