This Building Allows You To View All Of The New York City Area

A view like no other.

The One World Observatory on top of New York City's World Trade Center recently opened to the public. At 1,250 feet high, it sits on top of the fourth largest building in the world.

The views at the top are stunning. With clear skies, visitors can see up to 50 miles away, with New York City and the surrounding tri-state area all in site. But even though admission tickets are available for purchase, there is limited availability for this summer. 

So in case you can't get in, check out these photos from recent visitors' Instagrams:


1. A view of the entire Big Apple.

2. Even when the sun sets, New York City is still stunning.

3. One World Trade Center is taller than the Empire State Building. (See it in the distance?)

4. Check out these views of Manhattan into Brooklyn.

5. A Clear view of lower Manhattan.

6. The Hudson River And the East River in one shot.

7. Not a cloud in the sky.

8. Manhattan never looked this good.

9. Nothing like a drink at the top.

10. The city's a beaut.

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